Protecting the 2nd Amendment

As an avid hunter, sportsman, and lifetime member of the NRA, Jerry Carl will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and the liberties enshrined by our forefathers. While gun-grabbing liberals work hard to take away our freedoms, Jerry will oppose any legislation that takes away your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.  

  • Supports national concealed carry reciprocity.
  • Opposes legislation criminalizing the private transfer of firearms between friends and family members.
  • Supports the due process rights of all Americans and will fight any attempts to put individuals on secret government lists barring them from owning a firearm.

Fighting for the Unborn

Jerry Carl is a devoted Christian and deacon at his church who is saved by God’s grace. He believes every life is worth fighting for – born and unborn – and will fight to protect all life from the moment of conception.

  • Opposes any funding of Planned Parenthood and believes we must defund the abortion provider.
  • Will fight to protect all life from the moment of conception and will fight the radical left which is promoting abortion through the third trimester.
  • Supports promoting adoption services and will seek to remove the barriers which could place children in loving homes.

Build the Wall

As someone who has dealt with the effects of border security at one of the largest ports of entry in America, Jerry understands a country without secure borders is not a country at all. Simply put, Jerry believes we must build the wall and build it now. Congress has failed to act, and our porous border is allowing drugs, gangs, and individuals with no intention of contributing to society to freely flow into our country.

  • Will vote to fully fund the wall along our southern border and supports any available resource being deployed to keep our country safe – concrete barriers, drones, increased patrol, fully funding of ICE.
  • Supports establishing minimum sentencing requirements for those who enter the country illegally.
  • Opposes any efforts that would provide amnesty to those who have illegally entered our country.

Less Taxes

Jerry Carl is a fiscal conservative who has consistently opposed tax increases as a County Commissioner. As a successful small-business owner, Jerry knows that more taxes don’t create more jobs, they hurt our economy and affect the family budgets of hard-working Americans.

  • Will vote to make President Trump’s tax cuts permanent and fight the liberals who have proposed a tax rate of 90% on our job creators.
  • Believes we can continue simplifying our tax code so it is flatter and fairer for all Americans.
  • Wants to eliminate the Death Tax and expand deductions for retirement contributions.

Less Spending

Career politicians are spending our country into bankruptcy and causing our national debt to reach far into the trillions. As a small-businessman, Jerry believes Washington needs to live within its means, just like families and small-businesses do every day.

  • Supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Believes Members of Congress should go without pay unless Congress passes a balanced budget on time.
  • Will vote for legislation requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve.


America’s roads, bridges, and waterways are crumbling because of neglect from Washington, and Alabama has a crisis on our hands if we can’t invest in our infrastructure needs soon. Our bridges and roads are not meeting the needs of our growing communities, and job creators will not invest in our communities if they don’t have the facilities they need to transport goods throughout Alabama and the country.

  • Supports bipartisan legislation that will return Alabama’s tax dollars to our state to repair our roads, bridges, and waterways so badly in need of help.
  • Will fight to build a new bridge between Baldwin and Mobile Counties easing traffic congestion and commute times.

Fighting for our Servicemen and Women

With family in the armed services, Jerry understands how important it is to keep the promises we made to our veterans and give them the healthcare and dignity they rightly deserve when they return home from service to our country.

  • Will fight to help veterans navigate the federal bureaucracy of health care and believes we must continue expanding ways for veterans to receive healthcare from private doctors.
  • Supports legislation for survivors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to receive treatment of their choice outside the VA system.
  • Supports all efforts to fully fund and rebuild our nation’s military at levels our generals believe is needed and will vote to provide the pay increases our men and women in military uniform deserve.


Americans are struggling to keep up with today’s rising healthcare costs and Congress has failed to act after years of promises. A one-size-fits-all approach with increased government regulation is not the answer, and as a small-businessman who has built several businesses in the healthcare field, Jerry is uniquely suited to fix our healthcare mess.

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare once and for all.
  • Oppose any efforts that would create a big government, Medicare for all system and instead supports efforts for a personalized, patient-centered approach that ensures competition, covers pre-existing conditions, and lowers the costs of healthcare premiums.
  • Allow small-businesses to work together and buy insurance across state lines so they are not hurt by costly state-mandated laws driving up premiums.